School Lockers


School lockers for a smarter school day

A lack of space, heavy-handed treatment and a multitude of needs to be satisfied. If there’s one place that smart solutions are needed, it’s schools. Sonesson’s school lockers have therefore been designed to maximise limited space, to withstand knocks, bumps and blows, and are available in several models and sizes. What’s more, they are designed to make cleaning as easy as possible. They have simply been created with a smarter school day in mind – for students, for school staff and for those charged with furnishing new environments.


Make the most of limited spaces

To maximise the floor space whilst maintaining a feeling of airiness, the school lockers are available as a Z locker, allowing two students to share a tall locker. Different education programmes demand different sized lockers – and we’ve thought of that, too! Choose from two widths and three heights with a different number of separate small cabinets.


Custom solutions for school environments

School lockers often change hands at the end of the school year. Subjected to knocks and blows from outerwear, books and other items stored inside them, school lockers have to be able to withstand heavy-handed treatment, so all the shelves are welded into the carcass. Naturally, there are several variants of locking device such as a lock and key, hasp or code lock, and the possibility of numbering the lockers with a sticker or transfer.


Easy to keep clean

All locker models are lacquered with environmentally friendly powder coating, which is durable and easy to keep clean. The lockers also have sloped tops to prevent the accumulation of dust and rubbish on the top.


Beautiful colours and beautiful fronts

A range of colour options for both sheet metal and laminate lockers allows you to create pleasant and attractive areas in schools. Stick to the same colour throughout for a uniform look, or vary according to the grade or space. Decorative and durable laminate panels can also be added to the sides of the lockers, or a top panel of laminate to our low lockers.