Safety Deposit Boxes


Safety deposit boxes for offices and public spaces

Sonesson Inredningar’s safety deposit boxes are required wherever people need to be able to lock away their personal belongings such as wallets, bags and mobile phones. In addition to the peace of mind given from being able to lock up your belongings close to hand, Sonesson Inredningar’s safety deposit boxes come in a wide range of variation options, making them an extra exciting feature in your interior design. Choose from three different sizes and an extensive range of colours.


SFS 001 and SFS 002

Safety deposit box SFS 001 and safety deposit box SFS 002 have doors of custom fabricated steel or of laminate recessed in the door frame. These models can be supplied as single boxes or ready-assembled in sections, with or without a fixed plinth.


SFS 004

Safety deposit box 004 has a 3-mm thick steel door recessed in the frame with a special locking handle which hooks into the door frame.