Lockers for personal storage

In the past, lockers were dreary and boring – long rows of unimaginative grey. That was before Sonesson’s modern lockers. Not only do they meet your storage needs in a smart and efficient way, but, just as importantly, they help make the changing room area more attractive, creating a greater sense of well-being. Choose lockers from Sonesson and you get to decide how you want them to look. What doors do you want? What materials and what colours? Do you want built-in ventilation in the lockers? What kind of lock suits you best? The choice is greater than you think.


Great freedom of choice

Different kinds of work wear are worn at different kind of workplaces. The desire for different locker solutions changes according to requirements. Some people work outdoors and want to be able hang wet clothes to dry overnight. While others see the locker as more of a wardrobe for their own outerwear during the working day. In recognition of this, we offer an extensive range of lockers and accessories. We would even go so far as to promise that you will find a locker to suit your needs. When you don’t need that much space for your clothes, but still want full hanging height for your coat or jacket, our Z locker is ideal. If you want a more traditional locker, you can either choose a full height locker or a double door locker. All locker models have a stable, fully welded steel carcass. You then select the door type, colour, lock, base and ventilation system that you want.


Choice of colour

A range of colour options for both sheet metal and laminate lockers allows you to create pleasant and attractive spaces. Stick to the same colour throughout for a uniform look, or mix and match as the mood takes you.


Ventilation system

Problems involving damp clothes that do not dry, leaving a musty smell in the changing room, are a thing of the past. Choose one of our three different locker ventilation systems. As a rule of thumb, the softer the clothes and towels you hang in the locker, the better the drying capacity you require from the ventilation system. Enjoy fresh air in the changing room and dry clothes when you arrive at work the next day.



We offer a wide range of accessories for your lockers. Accessories that allow you to set up your locker to meet your own needs. It is a good idea to give some forethought to how you want your locker. That way, you get the right locker right from the start!