Laundry & Clothing Cupboards


Laundry and clothing cabinet

Sonesson Inredningar’s laundry and clothing cabinet rationalises and simplifies routines for changing work clothes.


Dressing cabinet

The dressing cabinets are available with six or eleven boxes in a single or double design. Each box has its own lock, but to simplify the “refilling” of clean clothes, there is a cylinder lock in the door frame which opens all the boxes at the same time.


Laundry cabinet

The laundry cabinets have a laundry hatch in the door for easy, hygienic handling of dirty laundry. The dirty laundry is collected in a laundry bag suspended on practical brackets inside the cabinet.


Choice of colour

The high strength steel cabinets are powder coated in our standard colours or in any colour on the RAL colour scale (surcharge). It is also possible to have a different colour on the frame and on the doors.