Interior Design Systems


The BST interior design system creates functionality

Sonesson Inredningar’s BST interior design system creates functionality in all environments. Start with a wall rack or holding strip on the wall or with a single-sided or double-sided post on the floor. Then build on using the accessory that makes the BST interior design system meet your needs.


Functionality in all environments

With shelves, it will be a perfect unit for all the office’s files or the library’s books. If you choose the hat rack or the coat shelf, you’ve got an instant wardrobe. If you are looking to furnish the nursery school entrance with seating for each child, the range has what you need.


Rebuild, build on

BST is an interior design that is easy to expand. All accessories are easily mounted in the rails of the system, and fastened securely with a safety wedge.


Soft corners and glorious colours

Children are lively little things, especially when it’s time to go out and play. Then there’s no stopping them! So, all the corners and edges of the gable ends and partitions have been rounded off. And we think it looks great, too! Even nicer if you use the colour chart and let your creativity flow. Combine your favourites and create a unique system for your business. The material is powder-coated steel, except for the benches, which are clad in high-pressure laminate. Choose from our standard colours or the RAL colour scale.