Heavy Duty Kit Cupboards



LOS is short for “logementskåp”, which in English means “barracks locker”, but it is not only the Armed Forces who need somewhere to store their equipment and gear. Sonesson’s LOS locker works for many other professions, too. In fact, it is perfect for anyone who places high demands on order, security and durability. The locker is two lockers in one. It has a hat rack with a clothes rail and double hooks, several removable shelves and storage compartments on the cabinet door. It also has a small mirror. The locker can be supplemented with a top cabinet for additional storage space. The ventilation slits above and below the door naturally direct moisture away from the lockers. The lockers have fully welded steel doors with steel or laminate fronts for a high level of security and durability. All doors can be fitted with a hasp for a padlock or a cylinder lock. Right and left lockers can be locked individually or locked with a double lock. Sonesson’s LOS locker not only keeps all your bits and pieces in order, but above all, keeps others away from them.



Personnel working in a range of professions such as the police, customs, fire services and emergency services need plenty of space in their lockers to store clothes and equipment. It goes without saying that the space should be adapted for helmets, boots, torches and heavy vests. Sonesson’s special PRO locker has everything these professions demand from a locker. In consultation with users, we have developed a standard which is prized for its generous space and its smart solutions. Sonesson’s PRO locker accommodates the everyday work needs of its users. We have put nine different cabinets together into eight different combinations. Choose from several different bases: plinth, legs, bench stand or pull-out drawer with seat. Flat-topped lockers can be fitted with a top cabinet for additional space, and you have a choice of two types of locking devices: an ASSA cylinder lock or a hasp for a padlock.



More than any other profession, the Armed Forces place high demands on security combined with function and design. Changing rooms must be designed and furnished in such a way as to help keep things orderly and to provide the best possible storage for uniforms and other equipment. Sonesson’s MILO locker offers a number of unique solutions. One example is the fan inside the MILO Air locker. A timer-controlled fan ensures that the pilot’s equipment works optimally. The locker also has a supply air inlet with dust filter. The Armed Force’s standard applies – Sonesson’s MILO locker has been developed in consultation with the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV) and meets every demand they make of their suppliers. Sonesson MILO is definitely a good choice for professional groups requiring both secure and functional storage of clothing and equipment.