Sonesson Inredningar is a leading manufacturer of storage solutions. Our company was founded in 1909. We have supplied cupboards and lockers to schools, sports centres and other public spaces for more than a century. Each is opened and closed many more times than most of us can imagine.

You have almost certainly used one of our products. 
Possibly last time you went to the tennis club – did you hang your clothes in the changing room? Or when, years ago, having failed a grammar test, you threw your German textbooks into a locker at school?

Despite heavy-handed treatment and daily wear and tear in schools, our cupboards and lockers continue to work well.
Day after day. Decade after decade. Almost implausibly high quality. Swedish quality at its best. We make our products using the latest technological breakthroughs! Made to work.

We have produced Sweden's
sturdiest cupboards and lockers since 1909